ClinicSpectrum’s In- House STAT Eligibility Verifications Solution

Eligibility Verification by Clinicspectrum

Although perpetual breakthroughs and continuous innovations in the field of medicine and technology offer people improved quality of life, the fact remains that the cost of medical care is on the rise.   For many, health coverage is a huge concern, as some have not renewed their plans or don’t have the adequate insurance for their medical needs.  The high monthly premiums have put off many people, but choosing not to enroll is an even more expensive decision.

Under the recovery act, the main contentions are:

  • Preventative care must be covered by insurance
  • A pre-existing condition does not mean the insurance will be denied, neither will it involve greater deductible

On the flipside:

  • Insurers can no longer place lifetime caps on the deductible to be paid
  • Americans without an insurance plan will have to get one, or pay a designated penalty

With some benefits as “no denials” or “extra deductible for conditions”, people are quite keen and eager to promote the act, despite its breakdowns.   Moreover, even with a high deductible, you still pay much less than you would while paying out of pocket medical expenses incurred by care.  ClinicSpectrum’s eligibility verifications solution is a prime choice for these circumstances. ClinicSpectrum’s STAT Eligibility Platform, a seamless eligibility verifications solution is vital to clinicians. Under the new health care act, the influx of eligibility for patients will increase manifold and tracking high deductibles in an efficient manner may prove difficult and downright taxing. ClinicSpectrum proposes to use the software based on eligibility criterions and patient records, through complete automation of the processes involved.  STAT Eligibility secure portal will replace traditional emails, phone, and other manual services, and will provide concrete, relevant benefits data within 45 minutes of turnaround time.  This is also going to mean a significant reduction in the manpower required for operations, through our electronic verifications system.  It additionally also uses a real time connection with insurance companies, websites, and clearing houses, all while the communications are delivered by the ClinicSpectrum back office team.

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