About Clinicspectrum

Clinicspectrum is a healthcare services company providing outsourcing/back office and technology solutions for 17+ medical billing companies, 600+ medical groups/healthcare facilities including hospitals, and hospital medical records departments.

The company is promoted by technical experts from diversified industries. In a span of 12 years, we have been able to transform several billing companies and healthcare facilities nationwide into efficiency engines. Our strategy is to build productivity through the use of technology, highly trained personnel who deliver results in a timely fashion, and customized consulting services. With resources composed of 52+ employees nationwide and 350+ back office employees overseas, we have found a solution for all the problems in running a medical billing company and medical practice resulting in better clinical records, revenue cycle, and administrative task management.


Our back office expertise is in providing claims follow-up, credentialing, eligibility verification, appointment scheduling, filing of scanned medical records, claims entry, and payment posting.
Due to rising costs for all billing companies, healthcare providers and reduced insurance reimbursement rates offices should not burden their staff with tasks that can be performed by our team for a lesser fee along with better results. We use the strictest auditing methods to insure optimal outcomes for our clients and always guarantee confidentiality.

We are the sole proprietors of the medical billing back office, data entry, and call center services we provide. This allows us to streamline all our respective services into one effective solution for running a medical billing company, medical practice and a hospital billing department.


By using automation technology, Clinicspectrum is able to offer its customers Invoice, Credentialing, Messaging and Productivity Spectrum product suites. These patent pending product suites enable our clients to automate invoices, manage credentialing and re-credentialing activities for providers, monitor and enable employee productivity and performance enhancement tools, as well as apply secure channel for communication via email, fax and text messaging.

An automated invoicing module for:
Billing and/or EHR subscriptions
Template creations, data interfaces through HL7, CSV files and SFTP
Auto-generation of invoices with external source sinking
Unique payment and invoice processing rule setup for auto-fax, auto-email, auto-credit card processing and auto-paper statement processing.
Follow up and task management
Sales force productivity examination for better cost/profit analysis
Monthly Forecast Management
Monthly Receivables Management
Monthly Performance Management by client, sales force and product categories.
A complete credentialing profile module for:
Management of Credentialing and Re-credentialing activities and reminders
CAQH Import Functionality
Complete Cloud based Documents Management for Credentialing Documents
Reminders on Expiration of various credentials such as CDS, DEA, License, CAQH, Board Certification, Mal Practice , Hospital Privileges
Facility Credentialing Management
Insurance Participation Agreements and/or Contract Management
Auto-fax, Auto-email and Secure Messaging Capability
Extensive Report and/or analytics Module
A seamless monitoring tool for enabling:
Time Clock functionality
Bench Marking and Compliance
Self-Bench Marketing and Performance Analysis
Daily Reporting and comparison with Bench Mark for performance
Audit Tool for Employee Productivity and Desk Time Analysis with actual WORK TIME.
Source Configuration for avoiding nonproductive web browsing and social interaction time.
Web monitoring for productivity management and Skills enhancements.
An automated balance collection process module using technology platform
Automates the traditional collection methods to a more elaborate, seamless, cost effective auto collection process.
Multiple communication channels such as Text, Secure Text, Email, Secure Email, Push notifications on Smart Phones and automated voice calls
Customizable decision rules for selection of communication channels, message to be delivered, frequency of follow up.
Automated reporting of non-responsive debtors to Credi Bureaus and/or Legal Department
A Reliable Automated Messaging module through PHONE / TEXT or SECURE EMAIL for following issues in Denials and/or need for patient outreach in the areas of:
PCP issues
Coordination of Benefit issues
Insurance Inactivity
Pre-existing condition updates or questionnaire sent to patient’s home
High Patient Balances

Currently we are servicing clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Indiana, Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee and expanding throughout the United States of America.

Our offices are based in New Jersey, Texas and North Carolina

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