A Complete Guide of our Technically Sound Product : CredentialingSpectrum

A complete credentialing profile module for:

  • Management of Credentialing and Re-credentialing activities and reminders
  • Complete Cloud based Documents Management for Credentialing Documents
  • Reminders on Expiration of various credentials such as CDS, DEA, License, CAQH, Board Certification, Mal Practice , Hospital Privileges
  • Facility Credentialing Management
  • Insurance Participation Agreements and/or Contract Management
  • Auto-fax, Auto-email and Secure Messaging Capability
  • Extensive Report and/or analytics Module

invoice Spectrum is a Innovative Product

All articles of Invoicespectrum will come under this category.

Some of the highlights are as below.

An automated invoicing module for
Billing and/or EHR subscriptions.
Payment Plans and/or Membership Processing.
Template creations, data interfaces through HL7, CSV files and SFTP.
Auto-generation of invoices with external source synchronizing.
Unique payment and invoice processing rule setup for auto-fax, auto-email, auto-credit card processing and
auto-paper statement processing.
Follow up and task management.
Sales force productivity examination for better cost/profit analysis.
Monthly Forecast Management.
Monthly Receivables Management.
Monthly Performance Management by client, sales force and product categories.