Credentialing. There’s no Easy Button for that.

17Staples has its now famous “Easy button” which designates how easy it is to get things done with them. There are countless apps for nearly every process and experience you can think of, adding ease of use and simplification. Then there is physician credentialing. What was once a simpler process that previously included the single step of having the applicant present some form of documentation, such as a diploma or certificate, is now much more complicated.

Multiple forms. Credentialing today requires school, residency and licensing verification directly from the source of the diploma, license, etc. Thorough and legitimate collection and verification of this information is not only important in meeting requirements of main accreditors, but also critical in avoiding legal problems and ensuring quality patient care.

Many people. The lengthy and increasingly complicated process of credentialing requires input from multiple people serving in specific roles. Almost like a set of dominos, if one of these roles is not fulfilled correctly and in a timely manner, the entire process could crumble or cause major headaches.

Myriad steps. From the applicant’s responsibility to provide a clinical facility with supporting paperwork such as degrees, accreditations and licenses, to medical staff’s responsibility to process and maintain the applicant’s credentialing file, there are a lot of steps and paperwork to keep track of. In departmentalized hospitals, the Department Chair also plays an important role in reviewing credentialing files. A credentialing committee, medical executive committee and governing board of directors also play important roles in the process as applicable to the specific facility.

If you’ve been through it just once, you know exactly what I’m talking about. While each hospital and physician’s office have their own individual challenges, a thorough and valid credentialing process is no less imperative. Healthcare facilities can benefit greatly from knowledgeable staff that is thoroughly trained to handle time consuming credentialing process and focus on nothing but making sure it is getting done right. Remove the possibility of one of the “dominos” falling in the credentialing process, and outsource to a company that can cover everything from A to Z. It’s not technically an “Easy Button,” but it’s the easy and obvious solution.