Future of Healthcare is Telehealth. Know Your Training Resources.

Adopting new technologies can be a difficult, often times daunting task. Fortunately, if you’re entertaining the idea of practicing telehealth there’s some great telehealth training companies out there to get you started. Here’s list of top five trainingsitesforteleheath

1. Telehealth.org

The Telemental Health Institute was one of the first organizations to offer evidence-based online training for behavioral health providers seeking to deliver online services that are legal, ethical and clinically sound. It provides 100% online training for both graduate students and post-graduate seeking continuing education units for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses and coaches (CEUs and CMEs). You can also benefit from:

  • A secure forum with access to 2,000 professionals from over 36 countries worldwide.
  • Mobile compatible coursework packaged in various Levels, leading to the TMHI Certificate.
  • Monthly, topic-specific webinars via telephone, computer, and app-smart devices     Podcasts, kindle books and CD formats for onlineconference topics.
  • A low-cost “Inner Circle” option that allows you to start with dipping a toe-in-the-water.
  • Tools and successful strategies to develop your online presence, products and services.
  • Yearly online conferences with experts from across government and health care explaining key licensing and reimbursement strategies.
  • Mini-training videos at no additional cost.

One of the best things about this program is that you can get fully-certified in as little as one week. So if time is a matter of concern, this might be your best bet.

2. Allceus.com

Allceus has been providing e-therapy certification training since 2006. They offer a simple system towards getting certified regardless of work setting, approach, and educational or professional training. Allceus’s e-therapy course abides by general education requirements for certification in online therapy. You can also expect to complete the e-therapy coursework within 20 credit hours, broken down into:

  • 4 hours of best practices.
  • 4 hours of clinical principles/treatment modalities.
  • 2 hours of legal and state jurisdictions.
  • 10 hours of electives within the course schedule.

To start the e-therapy certification process you will need to buy a 90-day interval priced right under a Benjamin Franklin, if coursework isn’t finished under that time frame you will have to buy an additional 90-day period. Certificate can be saved as a PDF or printed upon completion.

3. Afhcan.org

This Alaskan, FDA listed, and maker of medical devices also provides an assortment of telehealth programs. AFHCAN Telehealth Solutions started in 1998 with a mission to making healthcare accessible to rural Alaska. The result of such a mission was tCounsult, a store-and-forward method that utilizes an interim lock-point between the point-of-delivery and point-of-receipt, a form of encryption for successful eTheraphy and training. They offer both group and individual online therapy training courses worldwide. You may choose from three different courses:

  • Understanding Telehealth & the Role of the Coordinator (you).
  • Becoming a Certified Telehealth Coordinator
  • Knowledge and skills needed to manage a telehealth program

Within three 10-week courses you can expect to be proficient in all of these areas.

4. Onlinetherapyinstitute.com

Kate Anthony and DeeAnna Merz Nagel, two accredited psychotherapists inducted their personal goals onto an online setting with hopes to disseminating their experiences and knowledge on health and technology. In light of such a unique mixture, The Online Therapy Institute and Online Coach Institute were created. These two institutes offer an array of training opportunities that help providers become comfortable and familiar with practicing in an online setting. You can expect training in the following areas:

  • Working therapeutically using asynchronous email.
  • Working therapeutically using asynchronous chat
  • Working therapeutically using audio
  • Working therapeutically using video and blended technologies

5. Telehealthresourcecenter.org

If none of the telehealth programs mentioned above appeal to your current telehealth needs or if you believe that you still need a further understanding of how to properly approach telehealth than the Telehealth Resource Center (TCR) is your best bet. This organization is the heart of 14 other TCRs across the nation and is sponsored by our very own U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources office for telehealth advancement. TCR will help you develop and identify:

  • A training strategy that best fits your schedule
  • A telehealth training program that best fits your location and circumstances,
  • All the factors that contribute to successful telehealth integration

Best of all, in addition to helping you find the strategy, program, and factors, this centers’ resources can all be accessed at little to no cost. For more information on telehealth subscribe to our blog in the form provided!

By Giovanny Ayala