Don’t Lose Money as Deductibles Rise — Verify Eligibility

For many families, planning to spend $12,700 could mean getting a new car or college tuition. But in 2014, American families have yet another reason to save because they may need to make a big purchase on healthcare. According to the 2013 PwC Touchstone Survey of major U.S. companies, 44 percent of employers are considering offering high-deductible health plans as the ONLY benefit option to their employees in 2014. That’s a whopping 31 percent increase from just two years ago. Twelve thousand, seven hundred dollars is now the new maximum out-of-pocket cost limit for a family, and $6,350 is the limit for individuals. And of course, factor in inflation and many private plans are already laying the groundwork for members that costs will only increase in 2015.

As the trend for care continues to move out of hospitals and to physician practices and walk-in-clinics, physicians and office managers running these facilities will need to be prepared to collect all of these funds which will come in the form of deductibles, coinsurance and copayments.

Fear not — we’ve got you covered on this. With our new STAT Eligibility verification, we will take care of everything from eligibility verification to checking on necessary pre-certifications, how much of the deductible the patient has met to date and much more. In stark contrast to the high deductibles, your cost is low — a simple flat fee and everything processed and sent directly through a secure portal within one hour turnaround time. Say goodbye to paper trails and time-consuming process for your staff.

I’ve seen a quote that says, “Change before you have to.” In healthcare, you can debate if it’s “before” you have to, or at the critical point of “have to.” But when change is this easy, why wait another day? Seize the moment and maximize deductible collection.